In fact, Café De Nimman is more like a Thai restaurant which was rated as the best restaurant in Thailand in 2011.  It is also said that Cade De Nimman serves the most delicious Thai cuisine in , they have great reputation.

It is hidden in a lane where you can see a yellow sign pointing you to the restaurant.  This restaurant is quite large, with a big lush tree in the front yard, a few electrical fans are hanging up there.  The environment here is quite good.

Cafe De Nimman – best Thai Restaurant in Chiang Mai Niemanhaemin Road

There are many tables on the edge of the yard, with lighted candles on the table every night.  Across the yard, the bar is on the left, area is on the right.  Dining area outdoor is natural and spacious.  The dining area indoor is coloufully designed.  If you do not book in advance, it is difficult to get a table walk in, they are very busy, the waiting staff is rushing around, and you might have to wait for some time for the food to come.  If you do not see a waiting staff, you can just call the boss who is wearing glasses, he always helps out in the yard, and he is more efficient.

There are lots of food and drink to serve, wine, barbecue, soup, seafood, fried rice, stir-fried, desserts, juices, they are all equally delicious.  Some special dishes are barbecue ribs, fried banana pieces, Tom Yum soup, steamed fish with lemon and so on. Their portion is big too, especially papaya salad, it is refreshing though.

Cafe De Nimman – best Thai Restaurant in Chiang Mai Niemanhaemin Road

As for the price, it is a little more expensive compared to other ordinary restaurants, fried rice costs around 100 baht, steamed dishes are a little more expensive, priced at around 280 baht, red wine costs around 400 baht, stir-fried veg and soup costs around 160 baht.  The average cost per person is just around 200-250 baht, so it is not bad.

In Chiang Mai, it is common that the good restaurants are located in the lane.  It is located 200 metres walk from an alley behind .

Name: Cafe De Nimman
Address: Soi13 Sirimangkalajarn Road.Chiang Mai
Phone: 053-218405
Opening Hour: Mon-Sun 11am-11pm


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