A variety of markets and supermarkets are across , but there is only one supermarket that is operated on behalf of the Royal, that is Royal Project Shop.  The shop has healthy and safety product guarantee, it is very popular with locals and Western who live there.

In fact, this shop is a long-established Royal products store. In 1969, since Act of banning planting of opium poppy, the current king encouraged farmers to grow other legal species of plants, he ordered a royal relative to establish a project. The purpose is to make full use of the climate in the mountain and land to improve the lives of people living on the mountains and build their income. Through joint researches and surveys with other countries, thereby knowing the suitable agricultural products, farmers started planting actively and crops are collected by a specialised agency and finally sold to the city.

Royal Project Shop – Royal products stores

Royal Project shop was founded in 1974 in Faculty of Agriculture of . The whole property was built by red brick, quite like European-style, with two-story,the first floor is the sales area, the second floor is the office area.  Sales area is divided into fresh food area,souvenir area, specialty area and eating area.  People living in Chiang Mai usually prefer to buy fresh vegetables, fruits, organic rice, tea, noodles, etc. here.  Tourists generally prefer to buy dried fruits, souvenirs, as well as natural skin care products.

A rest area is at the back of the shop with tables and chairs outside too.  You can enjoy fresh salads, waffles and coffee under the sun after shopping. Today, there are 9 royal goods stores in Bangkok including one in .

Royal Project Shop – Royal products stores


Name: Royal Project Shop
Address: Faculty of agriculture of Chiang Mai University,suthep Road,Chiang Mai
Phone: 053-211613, 053-944087
Opening Hour: 8:00-18:00 everyday


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