Hua Hin is a very well-known tourist destination where many local and foreign tourists would like to go there for holiday. It is generally more expensive eating in the restaurants.  There is a grass root place.

In fact, The Memory is large food court which is not located inside the mall but in an open space.  There are a lot of places serving , many small coffee shops, accessories shop and boutiques where they are roof and have air-conditioning.

The Memory Hua Hin – a good place to enjoy affordable food and have fun

There are many places to have fun and take pictures with, small lighthouse, Hua Hin train, big sharks, tuk tuk, etc. Visitors can come here to eat, play and take pictures with little budget.

Name: The Memory Hua Hin
Address: 51 Soi Hua Hin
Opening Hour: 10am-10pm


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