Wat Pa Phu Kon—dream destination in 2014 Sightseeing TempleWat Pa Phu Kon—dream destination in 2014 Sightseeing Temple

There are many Thai Temples in Thailand, each with its own unique features. Wat Pa Phu Kon is awarded one of the 10 dream in 2014 by Tourism Authority of Thailand, due to extremely beautiful high terrain, lovely scenery, sunrise and sunset, etc.

It is located in Udon Thani province. The air is so fresh up there due to high altitude.   You can see huge Italian marble Buddha inside which is 20m long. The actually sent Thai craftsmen to Italy and did the work. It is divided into 43 stones, each weigh 15-30 tonnes and shipped back to Thailand. This whole project was supported by an elderly woman. It is very expensive. There are murals made by copper under the Buddha. They are stories of Buddha. The work is very sophisticated and artistic.

This temple has 30 years of history and it was built to celebrate the 70 year old birthday of the King. It is not easy to build a temple up in the mountain because everything has to be transported by train to Udon Thani province.

Wat Pa Phu Kong is very different from other temples. You do not have to light up an incense or candle, there are not monks to do ceremony and there are no amulets. It feels high class and unique.

The view is fantastic and air is refreshing, especially in the morning. Please note that there is dress code. Vest and shorts are not allowed. You cannot bring food and pets inside. Moreover, you are not allowed to light incense, shout and make loud noise.


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